When Benefits actually make your Mental Health worse

I’ve recently found myself out of work through my mental health being bad again. When you first sign up to universal credit seems really easy. UNTIL you actually go to the job centre with a Sick Note from your GP.

They don’t even look at it, They say that being depressed is no reason not to search or apply for a job.

When you contact them and tell them that your mental health is so bad and that your struggling to even get out of bed let alone search for a job. I even described how i was really feeling and how i did not even want to be around any more. Guess what they ignored that too!!

No Wonder so many people kill themselves or their mental health get worse.

The benefits are supposed to help you get back to work not make you feel worse about yourself, cause people to become homeless, girls to become prostitutes because its the only way to get money.

It’s no wonder that the crime rate in UK is so high

Addictions are increasing drinking, drugs and even prescriptions are on the increase for Anti depressants because people are so worried that they cannot sleep or because they are so hungry because they cannot afford to eat.

something has to be done with the benefits

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